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What's in the JELLA KIT?

Want the full JELLA CASE experience? Get a JELLA KIT!


The JELLA KIT is complete with:

    • a JELLA CASE
    • black JELLA SHELL and
    • all 4 coloured Jella Shells

all for a discounted price!


Add some fun to your JELLA CASE by using any of the JELLA SHELLS included in the JELLA KIT - mix and match based on your mood, outfit or occasion.


See how it all works HERE.

What's a JELLA CASE?

Whether you're recording a new TikTok dance, taking a selfie while traveling solo or watching sports or a beauty tutorial in the bathroom, the JELLA CASE is here to help you do it all hands-free!


The back of the JELLA CASE acts like a suction cup, letting you be hands-free anytime and anywhere.


No need to carry additional items or worry about it "not sticking", the JELLA CASE lasts for months and months! If it gets a bit dusty, just WIPE it. and it will be as good as new!

Just PEEL it. STICK it. SET it. SHARE it. WIPE it.


See how it all works HERE.


Jella recommends only using your JELLA CASE on GLASS, MIRROR, SCREEN, POLISHED TILE or SMOOTH METAL surfaces.


See how it all works HERE.


PEEL it.

Peel off your JELLA SHELL. This is an accessory to change the look of your JELLA CASE.



Firmly press your JELLA CASE against a Jella recommended surface by pressing at three points on your phone - top, middle and bottom.


Give it a jiggle to make sure it's adhered well before letting go.


Jella recommends only using your JELLA CASE on GLASS, MIRROR, SCREEN, POLISHED TILE  or SMOOTH METAL surfaces.


SET it.
Set that camera timer to capture your photo or settle in to watch anything you like on your phone completely hands-free! Maybe even FaceTime Mum.


Tag us @jellacase and #myjella for your chance to be featured.


WIPE it.

If you feel your JELLA CASE is looking a bit dusty or not adhering as well as it used to... give it a wipe down with a cold damp cloth and let it dry before use OR run a lint roller over the back of the case - easy! 



The JELLA CASE is made of protective TPU plastic with the back of the case acting like an in-built suction cup. It may feel a little sticky at first but this will ease over time.


Don't worry though, it won't leave residue on the Jella recommended surface.



We suggest replacing your JELLA CASE after approximately 6-12 months. 

In some instances our JELLA CASES have lasted longer (especially when using a JELLA SHELL). But we always recommend just keeping an eye on your JELLA CASE’s suction power. If it struggles to stick even after you WIPE it. then it’s time for a new one.