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Emerald Velvet Shell

Protect your JELLA CASE from scratches and dust while still looking and feeling fabulous with a gorgeous Velvet Shell accessory.

The Velvet Shells are designed for special occasions only. They are delicate and may not be able to withstand too much wear and tear.

So we recommend not sliding them in and our of jean pockets and using a Velvet Shell for those special days/nights out for a more luxe phone case look!

Where does the Emerald Velvet JELLA SHELL go?

The JELLA SHELL sticks on the back of your JELLA CASE when you're not using it to be hands-free.


Simply peel off your JELLA SHELL when you want to use the "sticky" part of your JELLA CASE then put it back on when you're done.

What happens if my JELLA CASE is scratched?
A scratch here and there is so fine, but too many will take away the overall suction balance. 


We recommend using a JELLA SHELL with your JELLA CASE. This will help prolong any scratches from happening and may give your JELLA CASE extra longevity.

What if I don't use a JELLA SHELL?

That’s cool! You don’t need to use a JELLA SHELL, but using one helps maintain your JELLA CASE’s “stickability” and potentially gives your JELLA CASE a longer lifespan.


With more wear and tear, scratches, general dust (without a WIPE) or handbag bungles, your JELLA CASE will not stick as well or for as long.