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Is JELLA an Australian brand?

We sure are! 

Jella Case is founded by two Melbournians who fell in love with this product and wanted to bring it to every other Aussie in a way that suits our Aussie style. 


Are JELLA products made locally?

All JELLA products are customised by the Jella Team locally but the products themselves are made in China. 



Does the JELLA CASE get shipped from Australia?

Yes! There’s no drop shipping here. 

We personally pack and send your JELLA items to you from Melbourne, Australia.


Do you ship to New Zealand?

Yes, we sure do!

Remember, you can change the currency on our website by following the button in the top corner. Shipping to NZ usually takes 10-16 business days.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have started shipping to Canada, UK and USA!

Remember, you can change the currency on our website by following the button in the top corner. Shipping to these regions usually takes 10-28 business days depending on where you are located.



Does the JELLA CASE really stick?

It sure does! The first time you use it, you won’t believe the endless possibilities and how useful this product can be.


Can the JELLA CASE stick to everything?

We recommend using your JELLA CASE only on mirror, window, glass, polished tile and metal surfaces. The rule of thumb is any smooth, flat and shiny surface.

The JELLA CASE won't stick to porous surfaced, like painted walls.


How long will the JELLA CASE stay stuck to a recommended surface?

The JELLA CASE can stick for quite a few minutes!

To ensure the safety of your phone though, we recommend checking that your JELLA CASE is firmly adhered every few of minutes.

Over time dust, a lot of scratches and moist hands/makeup fingers could interfere with your JELLA CASE's suction power. So remember to WIPE it. when it gets a little less sticky and it will be good as new.


How long will the JELLA CASE last before it won't stick?

We suggest replacing your JELLA CASE after approximately 6 months. 

But we always recommend just keeping an eye on your JELLA CASE’s suction power. If it struggles to stick even after you WIPE it. then it’s time for a new one.


Will the sticky part of the JELLA CASE leave marks or come off on my clothes?

Nope! How great, right? 



What can I do with my JELLA CASE?

STICK The Jella Case and be hands-free   Take TikTok Videos with The Jella Case   Have Fun With Friends with The Jella Case


FaceTime with The Jella Case   Be Hands Free with The Jella Case   Get Ready with The Jella Case


Create Content with The Jella Case   Cook Along with The Jella Case   Social Media with The Jella Case


What happens if my JELLA CASE is scratched?

A scratch here and there is so fine, but too many will take away the overall suction balance. 

We recommend using a JELLA SHELL with your JELLA CASE. This will help prolong any scratches from happening and may give your JELLA CASE extra longevity.


What if I don't use a JELLA SHELL?

That’s cool, you don’t need to use a JELLA SHELL. However, using one helps maintain your JELLA CASE’s “stickability” and potentially gives your JELLA CASE a longer lifespan.


How can I get my JELLA CASE clean again?

WIPE it.

If you feel your JELLA CASE is looking a bit dusty or not adhering as well as it used to... give it a wipe down with a cold damp cloth and let it dry before use - easy!